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We create competitive internet sites and hosting for a reasonable price!



* see disclaimer at bottom

1-5 Pages - $500.00
each additional page - $50.00
Searchable databases - $1000.00
    There are so many options with web page designing that the price is going to vary depending on how simple or how complex you want your pages. These prices are for basic design which could include pictures, animation, clipart, images, etc. Changes to web pages will incur additional fees.

Hosting & Service:

Small Plan*

-one page site
-1 unique IP address
-put your info on the internet and leave it alone
-changes can only be made once a year

Medium Plan*

-unlimited pages up to 10Mb of storage
-1 unique IP address
-unlimited hits
-10 Mb of storage
-100 Mb of Transfer/Month
-6 changes can be made once a year
-each additional 10 Mb - $5.00/mo

Corporate Plan*

-unlimited pages up to 50Mb of storage
-1 unique IP address
-unlimited hits
-50 Mb of storage
-1 Gb of Transfer/Month
-1 email address under your domain eg.(
-detailed web usage statistics
-consistent changing and updating site
-monitoring of your site (constant checking for problems)
-analysis of your site (use a series of programs checking for things such as
browser compatibility, load time, broken links, etc.)
-track your site's activity
-password protected directories
-each additional 50 Mb - $5.00/mo
    *Some restrictions and other fees could apply.

one email account - $5.00/email per mo
five or more email accounts - $4.50/email per mo
ten or more email accounts - $4.00/email per mo
Options: (email for pricing )
URL added to top search engines and directories - $100.00
Domain name registration - $35.00
Domain name renewing - $35.00

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for website down times or emails that are lost, missing, and/or not received. Due to the fact of us being a "middle man" we can not be responsible for networking companies, fiber optic companies. We are not responsible for any in house issues for we are not computer techs we just host your website and try to help you configure your computers.

Payment: You pay only after you recieve service and are satisfied with the service. We do not hold you hostage with contacts and owning your website. You can move anytime you wish.