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Designs Unlimited uses Windows NT servers connected to the Internet over multiple Clear Channel® optical fiber T3 lines.

High Speeds

These lines are connected directly to a major internet backbone. Your traffic will speed at OC-12 (622Mbps) and seal-healing OC-48 SONET ring directly to all six network access points (NAP's) and major peering points around the country without the delays of being transmitted through multiple providers.

Backed Up

All files are backed up daily, servers are protected by continually monitored battery powered UPS's and, the event of a major outage, is further backed by emergency generators. We maintain tape backups of all server data and web sites for ten weeks.

We manage each and every site on our servers making sure everything runs smoothly, with Unlimited Hits.

No Pop Ups and Ads

Many hosting companies offer cheap hosting at a price. You get those annoying pop ups, billboards, etc. on your web site. We don't use any of the gimmicks or techniques to make money from your web site.