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Designs Unlimited has the ability to automate your home with out drilling holes and fishing additional lines through your home.

Home Automation may be something as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights. For others, security may be the central application. Still others may choose to have advanced controllers or use voice recognition. As a very basic definition, we tend to refer to home automation as anything that gives you remote or automatic control of things around the home.

You can control:


Turn on and off lights, dim fixtures you could never dim before, control them from anywhere in the house or the world via the Internet.


Have motion sensors to turn on lights, sirens, etc. Have you lights on timers to fool burglars that your home.

Home Theater & Entertainment

Have true surround sound. 90% of people that say they have surround sound don't. Let us set you up with the real deal. Have one remote control for everything. Built-in speakers are to provide beautiful sound throughout the house.

Heating and Cooling

Remote controlled thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature from bed at night or even from a cell phone while on your way home (or to your 2nd home!). They can even trigger a notice to you if the temperature gets too low (freezing pipes) or too high (pets, plants, etc.).


Have outside lighting automated have your sprinklers turn on only when it's dry.


Have your Christmas lights come on and off at certain times.

and Almost Anything Else You Can Imagine

How Can I Control Them?

Wireless Remote Control
Wired Remote Control
Manually and Automatically
Key chain Remote

LCD Screen Remote


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