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We create competitive internet sites and hosting for a reasonable price!


Designs Unlimited creates up-to-date modern internet sites using the newest HTML, ASP, JAVA programming available. This helps prepare their web pages for what is to come. We have several browsers that test our web pages so that it will be accessible to more web viewers. As you know, web page design can be very broad. You can have audio, links, targets, pictures, graphics, video, animation, searchable databases, forms, cgi scripts, etc. Designs Unlimited supplies tips and planning guides to help you with your web pages, which will make it easy for you to make your pages most productive.

Our history of developing software for companies and design and printing work (see about us) with the face-to-face, hands on service we can provide, helps us have an upper hand to most design companies.

We are Personal and Local

We work with every client separately to create a unique web site them. We do NOT use forms or set layouts that make their site look like everyone else's.

Don't forget about
the Hidden Items

Besides the look, the most important thing to a good designed web site are the hidden items, that most designers do not know about.